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The candidates seeking discipleship in Gurukul need to undergo a national level audition before the Gurukul audition committee.Only shortlisted candidates are invited for audition. Interested music students who are willing to choose Hindustani classical music as profession and to learn under Guru-Shishya Parampara can apply for discipleship as per the notifications issued in the regard from time to time.
Terms and Conditions for Eligibility:

The candidate must be a citizen of India. 
The candidate must have passed 10th std.
Age limit should be in between 15-35 years. 
Selected candidates must have to stay atleast 2 years in Gurukul. 
Maximum training period is 4 years. 
Selected candidates are not allowed to study in any other institution during their training.
Candidate with good cultural and moral background only will be selected. 
Candidates should send their audio CD/cassette along with bio-data and duly filled application form.

Teaching system:
1.Guru-Shishya Parampara: This would be the predominannt training schedule of the Gurukul. The student would be spending a major portion with the Guru. The emphasis on the Gurukul system envisages that the student trains under the watch full eyes of the Guru. Classroom training, through a part of the schedule, takes a secondary role.
2.Theoretical Inputs: The schedule at the Gurukul also involves a well patterned theoretical study. This Q includes the study of the history of Hindustani music, various traditions and other aspects of music. It is rendered by a mix of local faculty as well as visiting lectures.

Certificate of Completion:
A certificate of completion after the period of assessment and graduation will be given to the students. This certificate would be a mark of recognition from the Gurukul that the student has successfully completed training as envisaged by the Gurukul.